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Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Matsushita Electric Works

76 years of experience in Japanese Automotive Industry.


小型自動車ランプを主体に、部品の調達から完成品の組立て、検査、納入まで、品質保証をベースとしたアッセンブリー専門会社です。特に、国内主要カーメーカー様向けの ”LED仕様の室内灯”は、当社が早くから手がけ、品質とコストパフォーマンスに自信の持てる製品です。

We are OEM autopart & Electronics product Manufacturer in Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur. We deal with mass production to small lot business for your needs. We have all plastic parts, press parts, PCB, wire harness and etc. We obtained LMW license (Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse), so that it would be suitable for exporting 

Matsushita Electric Works in Saitama Japan, we have been producing automotive lighting modules and parts for over 76 years. We specialize in assembly small lighting parts such as license lamp, room lamp, map lamp, turning lamp, etc. We do design for LED conversion from traditional bulb systems. 


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