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Matsushita Electric Group



1946    Established a factory for assembling small     scale lighting implements for railroad 

            application. Yoshisuke Matsushita assumed             as president.


1965    Established the Azusawa factory 

            specializing in press work and

            painting for the purpose of continuous 

            manufacture of lamps for automobile 



1966    Established the Hasuda factory specializing             in assembly of lamps in Hasuda, Saitama.


1977    Capital increased to 10,000,000 Yen.


1990    Set up an extra factory in the Hasuda 

            factory specializing in assembly of actuators             for head lamp levelizers for automobile



2003    Received certification of ISO 9001:2000 for              Hasuda factory.


2007    Purchased a piece of land (2,950 ㎡) for 

            building a new factory.


2010    Established Nippon Car-Lamp Mfg. (H.K) 

            Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.


2013    Established MT Lighting Systems Sdn.Bhd.

            in Malaysia.

2017    Established Nakatsugawa plant in Gifu.

本社:(株) 松下電機製作所
           Matsushita Electric Works Co.,Ltd
Hasuda, Saitama Plant

Nakatsugawa Plant
Malaysia Plant
     MT Lighting Systems Sdn.Bhd. 


Matsushita Electric Works in Saitama Japan, we have been producing automotive lighting modules and parts for over 70 years. We specialize in assembly small lighting parts such as license lamp, room lamp, map lamp, turning lamp, etc. We do design for LED conversion from traditional bulb systems. 


当社は、小型自動車ランプを主体に、部品の調達から完成品の組立て、検査、納入まで、品質保証をベースとしたアッセンブリー専門会社です。特に、国内主要カーメーカー様向けの ”LED仕様の室内灯”は、当社が早くから手がけ、品質とコストパフォーマンスに自信の持てる製品です。

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